A Look at the Types and Features of Mig Welders, Tig Welders, and Arc Welders

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Mig welders and other automotive service equipment have become an important item in any home or professional mechanic’s arsenal. They eliminate the high costs of bringing in a professional, and it’s far more convenient. However, you’ll need to look at the various features carefully and be aware of when each type works best in order to choose the right one. You’ll also be able to get a quality machine without spending a large amount of money.

Identifying A Quality Manufacturer Of Mig Welders, Tig Welders, Arc Welders, & Plasma Cutters

To find a quality manufacturer, look for a company that has been around for a long time. You’ll find that brands that have longevity are also extremely successful because of their quality. They take pride in the construction of every item that comes off their assembly lines and they take care of their customers.

You’ll find that choosing a long lasting company is also important when it comes to making repairs and finding parts. If your machine breaks down, you can order the parts directly from the manufacturer even after 10 years or more. More importantly, even if the particular model you own has been discontinued, these companies will still sell the parts.

Quality automotive service equipment manufacturers also offer solid warranties, whereas those who produce cheap equipment rarely include warranties with their products. And, if they do offer a warranty on their products, it generally covers nothing else except the parts, and it usually only lasts for a year. This means that even if your machine is still covered under warranty, you’ll have to talk with a customer service representative over the phone to identify the problem. Then, you’ll be on your own to make the repairs. If you make a mistake and break something while making the repair, the cost will have to come out of your pocket.

Quality manufacturers, on the other hand, will offer a warranty of up to five years. This will usually cover the parts and the labor, which means that any time things go wrong, you can send it away, have the repairs done onsite, or simply take it to a certified repair shop. There’s no guessing, no hours of phone calls trying to diagnose the problem, and no concern that you may have done something wrong while making the repair.

What Various Types Of Tig, Arc, Mig Welders and Plasma Cutters Are Best

Once you’ve found a great brand of automotive service equipment, you need to find out which type of welder or plasma cutters will work best for you. You’ll simply have to match the machine to the metal, types of repairs you’re doing, and your skill level.

Arc Welders: For quick welds on thick metal, Arc welders are a great choice. They’re affordable and easy to use, but they aren’t as precise and clean as some of the other types available. However, these are still a favorite choice for professionals and amateurs doing quick repairs where aesthetics aren’t that important as emergency on site fixes.

Mig Welders: Mig welders are a great choice in automotive service equipment for anyone doing auto body work or those who use welders for hobbies. This is because it uses a lower level of heat, which creates less metal distortion that is often common with soft metals such as aluminum and sheet metal.

Tig Welder: Because this type of automotive service equipment melts the two metal pieces together rather than using melted metal to join them together. You’ll also find that tig welders have a high level of precision and accuracy.

Plasma Cutters: If you want to cut metal apart rather than join it together, you’ll want a quality brand of plasma cutters. These machines make precise cuts and clean edges without requiring years of experience. However, the thickness of metal that you’re able to cut will depend on the size and power rating of the machine, so be sure to remember this while looking at the various different models.

Identifying Great Brands Of Mig Welders, Tig Welders, Arc Welders, And Plasma Cutters

Perhaps one of the largest companies and manufacturers of automotive service equipment like this is Lincoln Electric. They started manufacturing parts in 1895, and have been expanding and making automotive service equipment ever since. Along with their quality products, they offer a great one-year warranty that covers parts and labor as well as 90-days on the gun and cable.

Marquette Welding Products is another important brand name to watch out for. Owned by Lincoln Electric, this brand releases some of the best plasma cutters in the world.

Firepower, owned by Thermadyne, is known around the world for its extensive experience and willingness to be innovative. You’ll find that these machines come with a massive five-year warranty as well as a year on the gun and cable.

Finding and identifying high quality mig welders, tig welders, arc welders, and plasma cutters does take some work. However, with a little bit of information and diligence, you can find the perfect automotive service equipment that will change the way you make repairs.