Finding an Auto Repair Shop For Engine Repair

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You may have a reputable automotive shop that you regularly use for your vehicle maintenance such as tire replacement, oil changes and other routine issues. If you don’t have a regular shop, you can ask your family, friends and coworkers whom they trust. Recommendations from these people should be held in high esteem, because a local auto shop that has earned the trust of your family and friends will work hard to make you a customer for life.

If you have significant engine problems with your car, you’ll first want to check your warranty and see if the manufacturer covers the issue. When you bring your car to the shop, you’ll need to ask if the automotive shop guarantees their work in case the issue is not fixed properly or if it comes back without warning. The automotive shop manager will be able to discuss the policies of the shop and offer you a guarantee on the work to be performed on your vehicle.

Be sure to inquire about the type of parts the automotive shop will use on your car. Are they brand name, quality products or cheap, generic products? Make sure they are using only high quality parts. Either way, you will be charged labor fees, so be certain the parts they replace on your vehicle are brand name, quality products.

Depending on your specific engine problem, you may need to leave your vehicle at the auto shop for an extended period of time. Make sure you arrange for transportation. Your favorite auto repair shop may be located near a bus line or taxi stand. Also, your insurance company may offer a rental car. Some repair shops will offer a courtesy vehicle or provide a drop off/pick up service so you can work during the day and get your vehicle back in the evening.

Before any work is performed on your vehicle, be sure to ask for an estimate. Agree on a price and ask your mechanic to specifically outline what work is to be done. A good auto shop will alert you of any additional issues that come up during the repair that was not initially noticed. Therefore, you won’t be surprised when you see charges for parts and labor on work that you never authorized.

It is important that you trust your automotive technicians. You are leaving your car in their hands and are counting on the fact that they are experienced, trained and can properly fix the issue at hand. If you do not already have a good relationship with a local automotive shop, ask your friends and neighbors who they trust. Begin using a popular auto shop for your routine maintenance issues, and you’ll begin to develop a trusting relationship with them and get to know the mechanics on a more personal level. Then you can feel good about leaving your car in their hands when larger engine issues arise.